Inspired analytics for the public good.

Empowering federal, state, and local governments with the power of commercial data and technology to solve their hardest problems.

We believe deeply in the potential of public-private collaboration to make lives better.

Our own backgrounds have shown us that the government has the power to do good and technology has the power to change. But the right ethical, policy, and technical frameworks are essential to making it work.

We believe that empowering city leaders and public entrepreneurs with these frameworks can help better serve their constituents to create more equitable, livable, and sustainable communities.

With nearly a century of government service and deep experience in commercial technology, we are

former municipal leaders, senior government and commercial technologists, national security veterans, and policy experts

City Tech Icons

building analytics that matter.

Our value is in the expertise layer — leveraging our network to combine technological capacity with operational experience to build custom solutions at scale.

Our services typically involve two technological disciplines:
Data Processing

Data Analytics

Camber takes massive data sets and applies our expertise about human movement to gain insights across domains.

We have worked with epidemiologists, city and state officials, the federal government, and private companies, collaborating closely with domain experts.

Data Servicing

Data storytelling

Numbers are not a narrative. Camber understands how to explain the implications of the data.

We are constantly aware of operational and environmental context and include those in clear explanations of our analyses.


In the fight against COVID-19, Camber is working across tech, government, and academia.

Camber is using commercial data to help evaluate the effectiveness of public health measures, enabling policy makers to more efficiently allocate public resources and better understand the plight of their communities.

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